1. Orthomolecules are considered first in medical diagnosis and treatment. Knowledge of the safe and effective use of orthomolecules is essential to assure a reasonable standard of care in medical practice.
  2. Orthomolecules have a low risk of toxicity.
  3. Every person is biochemically unique, and should be assessed and treated according to their particular biochemical and metabolic factors.
  4. Nutrient-related disorders are treatable and deficiencies are curable.
  5. Nutrient amounts required for a therapeutic benefit may be much higher than Dietary Reference Intakes and Reference Daily Intakes, whose values are intended only for healthy people.
  6. Blood and other laboratory tests do not necessarily reflect nutrient levels within specific organs or tissues.
  7. It is essential to identify and address the root causes of health issues and not just the symptoms.
  8. Orthomolecular treatments that are known to be safe and possibly effective for a patient’s condition warrant a therapeutic trial.
  9. Biochemical needs of a patient change over time and with treatment – nutrient recommendations need to change accordingly.
  10. Due to the likelihood and implications of food and environmental toxin exposures, assessing potential toxicity in patients is essential.
  11. When drugs are necessary, the lowest dose that provides therapeutic benefit should be used, and gradually reduced as the recovery of the patient permits.
  12. To deny the patient access to orthomolecular information and treatment is to deny the patient informed consent for any other treatment.
  13. Hope is therapeutic and a natural outcome of exposure to orthomolecular information and therapies.
  14. The patient’s right of freedom of choice in medical treatment must be respected.

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