Holistic Nutrition Services

Meg offers holistic plant-based nutrition consultations.

Consulting sessions can range from simple and straightforward to in-depth and scientific, depending on your needs. The option of continued care to ensure you’re remaining on the right holistic path to meet your goals is also available.

The comprehensive educational holistic nutrition service includes:

  1. Health assessment
  2. Nutritional deficiency assessment and education
  3. Food and supplement education
  4. Curated protein sources and requirements
  5. Detailed health and lifestyle suggestions
  6. Continued care as needed

Continued Care Programs

SunCodes Nutrition Program 1 Month

1 Month

SunCodes Nutrition Program 3 Month

3 Month

SunCodes Nutrition Program 6 Month

6 Month

SunCodes Nutrition Program 12 Month

12 Month

Education is the key when empowering individuals to make long-lasting choices. Eating for a healing intention will make food choices easy.

Whether you’re looking to fully overhaul your nutritional habits or simply make small changes toward holistic living, Meg’s nutrition service is carefully tailored to meet you where you are. Together you can begin to build lasting healthy habits.

Nutrition is a vital part of diet, mood, and overall well being — let Meg help you make the most of it.

SunCodes Nutrition Programs


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