A well-balanced, natural plant-based diet is key to a healthy life.

Sourcing organic nutrition from foods and herbs grown through the power of the sun, we can all receive the ideal dose of nutrients needed to stimulate healthy living. Not only can a natural, plant-based, alkaline, organic diet keep us physically healthy, but the nutrients we take in also have a significant impact on our mental health.

Holistic nutrition is an approach that is often part of a comprehensive healthcare plan using nutritional education as a primary tool. The educational model emphasizes:

  • Whole, organic, fresh, natural, chemical-free, toxic-free, plant-based food & supplementation
  • Lifestyle modifications to induce relaxation
  • Self-love through positive communication
  • Identifying needs for happiness
  • Being prepared and organized
  • Being solutions oriented

Want to know more? Curious about how nutrition and anxiety are linked? Start your journey to power your body with what it needs and loves. Read more about holistic, natural nutrition below.

A healthy, holistic lifestyle starts today.

Nutrition & Anxiety

Mental health plays a crucial role in every aspect of our lives. When suffering from anxiety, our thoughts are plagued with worry. This takes a toll on the physical effect of our bodies. Physical symptoms of anxiety can range from insomnia and ADD, to intestinal problems. Anxiety is also often accompanied by depression, which not only worsens most of these physical symptoms.

Most of us can recognize the food culprits that are likely to trigger anxiety, such as caffeine and sugar, but there are many other hidden triggers present with each bite. By identifying and eliminating them, their beautiful substitutions of naturally occurring healing nutrients can increase your overall well-being. This, in turn, unleashes the body’s own innate natural healing ability!

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Holistic Nutrition Services

Meg offers educational consulting sessions that can be as simple or in-depth as you’d prefer.

A comprehensive one hour service session includes:

  • Full health assessments
  • Foods that include desired nutrients
  • Curated protein sources and requirements
  • Health and lifestyle guidelines
  • Add-on appointments as needed

Whether you’re looking to fully overhaul your nutritional habits or simply make small changes toward holistic living, Meg’s nutrition services are carefully tailored to meet you where you are. Together, you can begin building lasting habits that can reduce anxiety and feel more at ease.

Nutrition is a vital part of your diet, mood, and overall well being — let Meg help you make the most of it.


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