Fish and Sea Food

Approximately 3 billion people in the world eat sea food. About 50% of all sea food is farm raised which is roughly 608 million pounds of food. The sales from this industry is estimated at around $1.33 billion dollars.


There are 4 primary concerns with farmed raised fish:


  • Mercury (can cause brain disease)
  • PCB’s (chemicals that can cause liver damage and cancer)
  • Paint
  • Antibiotics


Canthaxanthin is a paint that was originally used for tanning. It was banned because it caused cancer. This paint is used by farmers to determine the flesh color of the fish. Without this toxic chemical the fish flesh would be gray.


Eating farm raised fish is taxing to the human body. It is acidic and saturated with toxic chemicals, vaccines, and antibiotics. Farm raised fish are enslaved to small living quarters like CAFO (confined animal feeding operation) land animals. These fish are severely stressed and are similarly very sick due to poor living conditions, poor food sources, and polluted waters. The amount of antibiotics given to them far exceeds those of land animals. Like CAFO, fish and seafood contain arachidonic acid which causes damage to our cells.  One must consider if eating sick and diseased animals, pumped full of vaccines and antibiotics, is a wise dietary choice for health.


Shrimp does not contain mercury and contains the lowest amount of arachidonic acid of all seafood. It is a healthier source of cholesterol compared to beef, pork, lamb, turkey, duck and chicken. Shrimp, however, is acidifying to the body in nature.


ALL disease thrive in acidic cellular environments.


Our oceans and waters have been dangerously polluted by a number of industrial byproducts. For this reason, Alaskan Wild Caught is the only recommended seafood source as it is the cleanest and safest.


As with all animal protein, please refer to the article on Animal Protein to determine whether or not you think the human body is designed to eat fish and seafood.





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