15 Questions That Must Be Answered to Satisfy for Informed Consent

Questions For Your Employer (Or School) To Copy Into An Email. Modify As Needed Or Appropriate.

  1. Employers (Schools) are required to disclose any and all potential conflicts of interest (COI), including public and personal investments in the pharmaceutical companies manufacturing COVID vaccines, as well as COIs via private contracts with the local, state, and federal government. Can you please provide the full list of any and all financial conflicts of interest? Has the business (or school) received any money from the federal or state government to promote COVID vaccinations? Has the business (or school) you received any money from pharmaceutical companies or subsidiaries to promote COVID vaccinations? Has the business (or school) received any money from local, state, or federal governments, agencies or pharmaceutical companies that incentivize the administration of COVID vaccinations?
  2. I have a right to medical privacy. If I elect to get inoculated, will my right to keep my vaccination status private be honored?
  3. Who is liable if I get injured and am unable to work for any length of time? How long will it take me to receive injury compensation so my family isn’t left out in the cold while I recover?
  4. Will my consent to get inoculated terminate any aspect of the employee benefits I may be entitled to during my years of service to this company or government entity if I’m injured or killed by these vaccines still in clinical trials?
  5. Please provide the full breakdown of post-inoculation death and injury reports in the federal Vaccine Adverse Events Reporting System (VAERS) and any other surveillance systems. How many people have died? How many people have been permanently disabled? How many people have experienced life-threatening events? How many people have been hospitalized? How many people have needed urgent or emergent care? How many babies have been miscarried?
  6. What is the potential gain of benefit vs. risk of injury in my age demographic if I elect to get inoculated? What are the specific benefits if I get inoculated? What are the specific risks? Is there a risk of death or permanent disability if I receive the COVID vaccine? What are the other current warnings for each experimental vaccine?
  7. If I’m injured, how do I ensure a healthcare professional reports my injury to VAERS?
  8. What long-term data (36+ months) is available on how many people have developed autoimmunity, infertility, or similar debilitating conditions after getting inoculated?
  9. Which federal laws prevent me from suing vaccine manufacturers in civil court?
  10. What are all of the ingredients in the experimental COVID vaccines? Which of them are carcinogenic, mutagenic, or teratogenic? Which of them has been classified as toxins, poisons, or dangerous for human consumption by the US EPA and/or International Agency for Research on Cancer (IARC)?
  11. Will this shot protect me against all variants?
  12. Can I still get COVID and transmit the infection even if I’m fully vaccinated?
  13. What is an antibody-dependent enhancement(ADE)? How will I know if I am experiencing it? Is ADE something that can happen to me if I get the experimental COVID vaccine?
  14. I’ve already recovered, and the scientific literature shows that I have ‘long-term, robust and durable’ immunity against the SARS-CoV-2 virus. Why am I required to be vaccinated against something I already have immunity against? Am I eligible to prove my immunity using EUA approved antibody and/or T-cell tests?
  15. Many peer-reviewed scientific papers support the use of Monoclonal Antibodies, Ivermectin, Vitamin D, C, A, Zinc, and Hydroxychloroquine. What treatment options exist should I elect to use my civil right to refuse this inoculation?