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Natural Medicine for Personality & Mood Disorders

SunCodes Holistic Health provides fully customized solutions to addressing particular manifestations
and the underlying imbalances of each individual. 

Dr. Meg’s Story


After many years of using prescription pharmaceutical drugs, Dr. Meg decided to address her own medical conditions naturally. She returned to school, earning her doctoral degree in Naturopathic Psychology, and she is nationally Board Certified in Holistic Nutrition®. She also holds specialized certifications in cellular detox, vaccine education, and cannabinoid therapy. Dr. Meg’s practice is focused in personality and mood disorders. Together, Dr. Meg can help you restore mental and emotional wellness by providing guidance in the use of a variety of natural medicines.

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Xanax and Ativan Use and Recovery

Xanax and Ativan Use and Recovery

The Neurotransmitter Systems and Amino Acid Support in Xanax and Ativan Use and Recovery Xanax and Ativan are commonly prescribed medications in the benzodiazepine class. These drugs are primarily used to manage anxiety and panic disorders due to their calming and...

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